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Market overview:
To find for you a personally tailored property is our task.

Purchase procedure:
Notaries, accountants, land registry office, bank, transfer, application of electricity, water, telephone, other documents, Residencia, etc.
Here, too, we will help you free of charge with the purchase of a property with us! If you don't find any property through us,
we can offer these services at an additional cost.

Reputable craftsmen, car rental, dry cleaning and laundry service, holiday accommodation and more!

Sale & Rental:
Apartments, land, hotels, homes, bungalows, chalets, bungalows, bars, etc.

Other informations:
You will receive a quote after a personal interview. This can be arranged with us via e-mail with us.
Please use the contact form on this page. Feel free to call us at 0034 928 777 282 or
Mobile: 0034 649 708 766 Please note that we are 10 to 20 clock (Canarian time) are available via phone for you.
We are happy if we can help you - Your Canarias Immobilien – Team